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How to do digital transformation properly with Business Central. 

Finance and operations are at the core of your business. This means clunky and inefficient legacy systems impact everybody and lead to poorer decision-making organisation-wide. 

And when competitors who have managed to successfully digitally transform are delivering a more reliable and faster customer experience, there's no longer a place for legacy technology.

Companies with higher digital maturity reported a 45% revenue growth, compared to a mere 15% for those with lower maturity levels. For financial operations, this means shedding outdated processes and systems in favour of modern, cloud-based solutions.

Join Duncan Kerr, Presales Architect at Infinity Group, as he explores how you can leverage Microsoft Business Central to optimise your finance and operations.

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Agenda Insights_

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Data to Insights_
How Business Central converts vast data into actionable insights, enabling faster, smarter business decisions.

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The Evergreen Advantage_
Say goodbye to the nightmare of manual, expensive upgrades. Business Central’s cloud architecture means automatic updates, ensuring you’re always on the latest version with minimal effort.

Empower (1)

Empowering Employees_ 
Discover how removing tedious manual tasks enables your team to focus on strategic, rewarding work, enhancing job satisfaction and retention.

technical debt

Reduce Technical Debt_
 We’ll discuss how Business Central’s evergreen model not only reduces technical debt but also ensures interoperability with essential Microsoft apps like Power BI and Copilot, enhancing your operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

Meet your host, Duncan_

Duncan Kerr_ with job title (1)
Dynamics BC@4x

Infinity Group's resident Business Central Expert!

With expertise in presales discovery and translating complex requirements into practical solutions, Duncan’s insights into Business Central and digital transformation are invaluable for any organiSation looking to modernise. Certified in Microsoft Catalyst and as a Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant, he brings actionable strategies to your digital transformation journey.