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IG x Microsoft @4x-100


Boost productivity, streamline processes, and drive growth with AI. 

During their last earnings call, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta all mentioned AI 168 times! As of late, it feels like artificial intelligence is generating a meteoric amount of hype. But, in all the noise, you may have found yourself questioning:

Is AI really a worthwhile investment for a company like mine?

If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to start with AI for your business, It's okay; you're not alone! Rapid AI advancements can leave even the most savvy professionals scratching their heads. Calm, a mindfulness app, even coined a term for it, AI Anxiety.


Let us guide you through the maze of uncertainty. By participating in this webinar, you'll not only discover if AI is within reach for your organisation but also walk away with a concrete roadmap on how to dive right in.

Get AI Ready!

This webinar is available on-demand and will be available to you on the next page as soon as you register. 

Agenda Insights_

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Assessing the current state of AI and Microsoft Copilot, public opinion, and possible uses

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A clear roadmap to begin your AI journey with confidence

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AI solutions for old-world problems in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience


A review of the privacy, security and compliance requirements for adopting Copilot

Meet your host, Tristan!

Tristan Speaker Card

Infinity Group's Chief Innovation Officer, and Innovation Lab Founder! 

Tristan brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the AI technology landscape, with a remarkable 18-year journey in thought leadership and innovation. His unwavering passion, forward-thinking nature and extensive knowledge in AI have established him as a trusted authority in the industry, earning him a well-deserved reputation.