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45 Copilot use cases that actually drive business productivity

Download our '45 ways to use Copilot' guide to find out how every part of your organisation can reclaim time, reduce operational costs and maximise resources.

While AI is a huge buzz topic right now, the challenge for businesses is understanding how to use it in a way that genuinely brings value.

If used well, AI promises significant benefits including enhanced efficiency and accuracy, data-driven insights and reduced costs from increased productivity. In short, it enables businesses to do more with less. But the trick is knowing how to begin to embed AI into your processes.

This guide explores practical use cases for Copilot, with examples for every function in your organisation. Find out how AI can be leveraged within your processes and the time savings to be gained.

Download the guide_

What's in the guide?

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Copilot use cases_

Gain a list of 45 unique Copilot uses to try out, covering core business areas like sales, operations, finance, HR, IT, marketing and development. Every use case has been tested by us to root out valuable examples to inspire your organisation.

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The time savings to expect_

Based on the use cases given, find out how many hours your business can expect to save, per team. From our own exploration of AI at Infinity Group, we predict an organisation of 150 people could save over 10000 hours and £11,000 per week.

The benefits of AI_

Understand how mastering AI can bring sizeable benefits to your business, including driving efficiency, reducing costs, improving customer experiences and gaining a competitive advantage over others in your industry.

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Finding your use cases_ 

Read our step-by-step processes for uncovering Copilot uses in your business that will deliver the most value. From creating internal advocacy groups to changing habits, introduce AI-power to your organisation and generate ROI.

Frequently asked questions

What are the business barriers to AI?

In a study on barriers to AI adoption, understanding the benefits and finding use cases were cited as leading reasons why businesses were not using AI.

There also continues to be fear and resistance surrounding AI, which may cause employees to avoid it. 2 in 5 people allegedly think AI could have a negative impact on their job potential.

However, it’s impossible to ignore the rise of AI, and those who do may find themselves locked out of future opportunities.

By finding sensible, value-adding ways to get started, you can make your business AI-ready and keep up with the evolving technological landscape.

Why does mastering AI matter?

Although many organisations are experimenting with AI, you need to use it in a way that secures ROI. There is a financial cost associated with tools like Copilot, but the rewards can make it more than worthwhile if you embed it in your processes effectively.

By mastering AI, you will add significant value to your operations, maintain a competitive edge and drive productivity without needing to expand resource.

What is Copilot?

Copilot is Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant, designed to automate activities and drive productivity.

Unlike public-learning models like ChatGPT, Copilot protects your organisational data. You can feed it information about your company without fear it will be shared with external users. You’re protected against data breaches or information leaks.

It also integrates with existing Microsoft tools you already use, like Teams, Word, Excel and Outlook, helping you to complete tasks faster.